Jun 15, 2023

Climate change in Casablanca unites Business & Government

Wine entrepreneurs from the Casablanca Valley and the Government face the effects of climate change together by developing a Clean Production Agreement through which they seek to improve the productive management and environmental performance of companies.

Chile is a country with high vulnerability to climate change, among whose main impacts has been the decrease in the availability of water resources as a consequence of the reduction in precipitation and the increase in temperature. In turn, there are impacts associated with other threats of climatic origin, tidal waves, fires and heat waves, among others.

Many of these impacts have been manifesting recently, with the mega-drought that has affected the central zone of the country, of which the Casablanca Valley is a part, as one of the most severe effects of climate change in Chile.

Casablanca Valley Vineyards Overlooking Mountains

Casablanca Valley Vineyards

The challenges of the Association of Wine Entrepreneurs of the Casablanca Valley are related to the consequences of climate change and the search for new methodologies and practices that contribute to mitigating its impacts and safeguarding the sustainability of the business.
Between the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change of the Ministry of the Environment of the Government of Chile and the Association of Wine Entrepreneurs of the Casablanca Valley, there is a Clean Production Agreement underway called “Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change wine sector, Valle Casablanca Region de Valparaíso”, in which around 30 grape and wine producing companies participate.

The initiative contemplates nine goals focused on improving the productive management and environmental performance of companies, receiving the support of the Ministries of Agriculture, Energy, Environment and Health, the Illustrious Municipality of Casablanca, the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso and the University of California, Davis life and extension center.


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Photo courtesy of Asociación de Empresarios Vitivinícolas del Valle de Casablanca