Sep 11, 2023

Experience Swiss Oenotourism in an innovative way: Polysensory Tasting

When we think of wine tasting, we often envision a sensory experience that involves sight, smell, and taste. But what if I told you to close your eyes, put on a headset, and let your senses guide you through an immersive wine adventure?

An Experience for the Senses

This unique tasting invites your senses to take center stage. Prepare to be surprised by this original activity that engages all five of your senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Wine tasting is typically associated with the color of the wine, its aromatic bouquet, and its flavor profile. However, in this experience, these aspects take a back seat. Instead, you’ll be encouraged to close your eyes, put on a headset playing inspiring sounds, and focus on the texture of the elements at play.


A Fun and Educational Adventure

Lasting about 1.5 hours, this oenotouristic journey is perfect for groups of 8 to 16 people. It’s designed to be both playful and instructive—a unique experience to share with friends or colleagues, and a remarkable way to strengthen bonds while discovering the world of wine in an entirely new light.


How It Works

Your adventure begins at Celliers de Sion, where you’ll be warmly welcomed by your guide. Before diving into the tasting, a 12-minute film will immerse you in the heart of the vineyard and its history, setting the mood for the sensory exploration that lies ahead.

Your guide will then lead you through this captivating experience, introducing you to five carefully selected wines that you’ll explore using each of your senses.

This experience is available year-round and can be booked for groups of 8 to 16 people, subject to availability. Let yourself be swept away by this adventure that will transform your perception of wine and provide you with a memorable journey through Swiss vineyards. An experience you won’t soon forget!


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