Mar 03, 2023

Lausanne – Hummus and Wine

“Hummus & Wine” marries the classiest rock‘n’roll orchestras in Western Switzerland with the best winegrowers in the canton of Vaud. These original concert sessions will be organized with Swiss artists in cellars or at wine-growers estates of the Lausanne region.

The “Hummus & Wine” sessions are the alliance of the Saint Chasselas and the Noble Decibel. It is the meeting of the wine region and the musical soil. It is rock and roll in places that are not designed for it. It is the transplantation of Swiss alternative music in the middle of the regional heritage. It’s live music in the most beautiful places in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland). It’s Sundays (mostly) spent elsewhere than sunbathing at the edge of town (although that depends).

“Hummus & Wine” is a joint venture between the Hummus label – a famous label in French-speaking Switzerland that is home to such artists as Louis Jucker, Emilie Zoé, Coilguns, Stéphane Blok, Anna Aaron, and Nostromo – and the Brasserie de Montbenon, a mecca for bistronomy and winegrowing navel-gazing.

In 2021, we took orchestras to winegrowing estates, where they played on Sundays – in the sun or in a cellar – in front of a large audience who discovered that their host’s wine was a good substitute for draft beer. In 2022, we did it again with some concerts in the vineyards, but also in places to be rediscovered with a cup of Christ’s blood in hand and “high class” rock in the eardrums: old stones and museums, always with human-sized audience, in order to be able to cultivate the proximity with the winegrowers and the rockers-rockers. In addition, there will be the opportunity to visit impressive monuments (Chillon or La Sarraz Castle) or exhibitions (Art Brut, Hermitage, Pully Art Museum), to get you going.



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