May 09, 2023

Lausanne in the top 5 of the most “intelligent” cities

The capital of Vaud ranks fifth in the Smart City Index of the Lausanne Business School IMD, which measures the ability of cities to use technology for the benefit of its citizens.

Article published in the newspaper 24 heures

Swiss cities are holding their own against the world’s major capitals. According to the latest Smart City Index (SCI) produced by Lausanne’s IMD and the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Zurich, Geneva, and the capital of Vaud are among the ten cities at the forefront of urban “intelligence,” far ahead of metropolises such as New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

This ranking, which includes 118 cities, was based on economic and social data from the United Nations’ Human Development Index, as well as a survey of 15,000 people worldwide. It analyzes citizens’ perceptions of how technology can improve their lives.

In the top 10, three Swiss cities are featured: Lausanne, which is making its first appearance in this ranking, ranks 5th, Zurich is on the podium in 2nd position, and Geneva is in 8th place.

The remarkable results achieved by Swiss cities are due in particular to our country’s good health system, which has enabled us to control the Covid-19 pandemic without major crises.

IMD Smart City Index 2023

“The pandemic has generated an acceleration of digital and ecological transformations in smart cities.”
Bruno Lanvin, president of the IMD Smart Cities Observatory

Globally, the data shows how “smart” cities have had an easier time managing the coronavirus thanks to a strong technological culture and good digital infrastructure (tracing citizens’ movements and contacts).

“The pandemic has generated an acceleration of digital and ecological transformations in smart cities,” explains Bruno Lanvin, president of the IMD Smart Cities Observatory.

In addition, the residents of Swiss cities benefit from a well-developed educational and continuous training system, with a high degree of permeability and a high level of digital skills.

Lausanne excels in several areas, with a high score in infrastructure (AAA rating), excelling in the areas of school education, medical services, green spaces, cultural activities, and health and recycling facilities.

Its residents are also satisfied with the opportunities to find employment online. However, despite having only 140,000 inhabitants, the city faces problems with road congestion, air pollution, and a lack of affordable housing (a concern shared by 70% of survey respondents). Security is also considered problematic.

Regarding technology, Lausanne performs poorly for the lack of electronic voting and does not have enough applications to find a parking space or carpool.


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