Sep 19, 2023

The different shapes of inclusive wine tourism in Verona

When we talk about inclusive activities in the field of wine tourism, we can mention several initiatives through which a similar goal can be achieved. In fact, different approaches are now used in Verona to understand and put into practise the term “inclusivity”.
Wine that supports women: the example of “Fira”

The first case worth mentioning is the initiative promoted by Casa Sartori 1898, with the wine line named “Fira”. The main character is in fact Zaffira, the elder sister of the company’s founder, affectionately called just “Fira”. She lived between the 19th and 20th centuries and, contrary to the customs of that time, decided to be independent and work by herself, helping at the same time the founder Pietro Sartori to pursue his dream in the winery. To this strong woman the company decided to dedicate a line of three wines, in order to emphasise the importance of the female figure. In this circumstance, inclusivity comes alongside the meaning of the initiative: the re-employment of women victims of violence, promoted by the association D.i.Re, Donne in Rete contro la violenza  (Women in Networks against Violence), which runs more than 100 anti-violence centres throughout Italy.

"Fira"- Casa Sartori1898- Verona

Photo Credits: Casa Sartori 1898












Through the purchase of a bottle of “Fira”, Sartori Winery will donate a contribution that will support projects promoted by the association, in order to foster the training, education and employment of women who undertake a pathway out of violence and towards economic autonomy.

"Fira"- Casa Sartori 1898- Verona

Photo Credits: Casa Sartori 1898










Dinner in the dark: a multisensory experience to sustain visually impaired people

Among all the initiatives aimed at promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged categories of people, we can mention the ‘Dinner in the dark’ (“Cena al buio”) hosted by Cantina Monteci.  This particular activity involves the collaboration with the Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired), and consists of an evening dinner where guests are able to experience the thrill of savouring dishes and tasting wines from the winery in complete darkness. They are accompanied by experienced and qualified blind guides, who thus enable diners to perceive new emotions, putting aside their sense of sight for an evening. In doing so, guests should focus only on the scents and sounds around them. This evening is most importantly an opportunity to support the U.I.C.I.’s activities.

Cantina Monteci - Verona

Photo Credits: Cantina Monteci

Local inclusion in the biggest event of the season

Inclusivity also means encouraging local residents to participate in activities that characterise their environment, and for the Veronese territory, viticulture certainly represents one of them.
To support residents and of course, tourists to participate in the most collective moment of wine production, the grape harvest, the Wine Cities Association and the National Labour Inspectorate signed an agreement, allowing tourists and residents to safely experience the sensations of grape harvesting. The ‘tourist grape harvest’ project, offers the opportunity for people who are not part of the agricultural world to participate and understand this activity up close, thus becoming ambassadors of the wine culture of the province of Verona.