Nov 14, 2023

Unique experiences in Rheinhessen

Mainz and Rheinhessen offer guests from near and far diverse and unique wine experiences in Germany's largest wine region. Let's take a closer look at two of them.

Since 2017, the company Bottlestops has been offering to foreign wine enthusiasts and all those interested a unique opportunity to get to know the German wine culture. Its founder Jérôme Hainz experienced on numerous business trips how uncomplicated it can be to get to know international wineries as a foreign traveller. He wanted to give visitors in Germany that same experience. Jérôme now enables his guests to get such an authentic impression of the wine region Rheinhessen and its high-quality wines.

Visitors experience a modern Germany with tradition.

Visitors experience a modern Germany with tradition. Credit: Jérôme Hainz


A completely different experience awaits you on the “Winzer-Kultouren” with Katja Campe. She is a lawyer with degrees in art history and archaeology, a culture and wine ambassador and a classic cars enthusiast. The concept seems as unusual as Katja herself: a classic cars rally through the vineyards of Rheinhessen. Here you can experience landscape, culture and wine with style.

The wine rally ends with lots of new impressions and a full wine box.

The wine rally ends with lots of new impressions and a full wine box. Credit: Mainzer Kultouren


At the beginning, each team receives pacenotes and historical maps. Off you go, equipped with a packed lunch and an empty wine box. The teams of up to 10 participants visit six wineries. At each winery, the winemaker will briefly explain the specificities of the wines and give each team a bottle to take home to taste later. After visiting the various wineries, each team will have collected a wine box containing six bottles of delicious wines.


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