Mar 08, 2024

Wine and Ride: a wine tourism experience that transcends the borders of Mendoza

Bicycles specially designed for riding amidst the vineyards and bilingual guides make the tour one of the best options to get to know the Mendoza Wine Trails. In recent years, with the mission of extending the experience to the world, the company opened franchises in France and Switzerland.

Wine and Ride proposes a different way of exploring wine tourism destinations. It is an excursion at your own pace in an environmentally friendly way. It is about discovering the place and culture hand in hand with their protagonists.

Arriving by bicycle to a vineyard, harvesting alongside the workers or watching the owner of a small winery fill the barrels, while tasting the wine and taking a photo of a unique moment are some of the highlights, which will surely remain in the memory of those visitors who take the tour.

The excursions are recognized for connecting the wineries in an experience rich in history and folklore. Each establishment is carefully selected to provide tourists with a broader vision of the wine world, discovering small, large, family-owned and boutique wineries.

Wine and Ride represents a privileged way to get to know the Mendoza Wine Trails, with its mountain landscapes, exquisite gastronomy and culture, breathing fresh air while pedaling to the next wine site.


A bike ride along the Mendoza Wine Trails

The company has meeting points in the departments of Maipú and Luján de Cuyo, two of the most prominent wine-growing areas of Mendoza. Each location offers a variety of routes to discover.

From Maipú, the excursion begins at 10 in the morning, extending until 7:00 p.m. The landscape is in the star with tree-lined streets providing shade from the radiant sun. The highlights are the city of Maipú, its old wineries, museums and the houses of the pioneers of the wine-growing history of Mendoza. Leaving the town behind you can see large fruit trees orchards, olive trees and vineyards. In the background, the majestic Andes mountain range. Important fact: this tour is suitable for families.

Departing from Luján de Cuyo, the meeting point is at the Vinorum winery. In this case, the tour is specially prepared for groups of people over 18 years of age and has the particularity of visiting exclusively wine establishments, passing through 4 wineries. The tour covers an area of about 15 km.

Vinorum is located in Pedriel, a privileged area for winegrowing where the history of Mendoza Wine begun. This excursion allows tourists to delve into this history, told by owners and workers of the vineyards. Without a doubt, this is a route with mainly cultural characteristics.

Much more than a ride!

In both cases, Wine And Ride offers a basic excursion visiting some 5 establishments. The experience can be customized by booking other services such as lunches, harvest experiences, blending games, etc.

It is important to highlight that the bicycles are in excellent condition. They are the best for the previewed itinerary, they are unisex, well identified and come with a basket, support foot and.

The company also has tandem bicycles that allow someone who requires assistance to make the trip with the support of a companion.

Discover the great wine bike trails!

Wine and Ride :: Alquiler de Bicicletas por los Caminos del Vino – Maipú

Lavaux – Wine And Ride

Condrieu – Wine And Ride


Text and Photo Credits:
EMETUR Tourism Board of Mendoza