In an industry proud of its environmental credentials, Kalleske Wines is setting the benchmark. The Barossa Valley’s largest certified organic and biodynamic grape growing and winemaking operation – and one of the oldest certified in South Australia – has just won its second major sustainability prize in less than a year.

Whistling Kite Wines

Organic and biodynamic are certainly buzz-words in the wine industry today, but Riverland producers Whistling Kite Vineyard’s dedication to these principles dates back 30 years to something far more personal than a trend. To owners Pam and Tony Barich “we are only custodians of the land, and it’s our duty to maintain healthy soil for future generations.” Founded in 1976 Tony’s abstention from synthetic fertilisers and nitrates was recognised as certifiably organic in 1997, with biodynamic certification coming 10 years later.

Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm

Truth be told, the biggest asset of any region is not its produce or its landscape, it is its people. Those with a connection to the land so deep it’s an essential part of their being. In the Eden Valley, part of the greater Barossa region, this is certainly true of founding families Henschke and Angas (of Hutton Vale Farm). Their heart-felt authenticity is contagious and with their new, family-hosted offering, the Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience, are putting the region on the world stage.

Adelaide, South Australia

There’s much to love about South Australia.  It is home to award winning wines, world-class seafood and the freshest local produce; amazing nature parks and Outback ancient mountain ranges; the vibrant capital city of Adelaide, and nature’s paradise, Kangaroo Island, acclaimed as Australia’s Galapagos, abundant with wildlife, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world.  

October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017

Discover the iconic events: the Masterclass, and the Retrospective Wine Tasting. Then this year, there will be more dinners, breakfasts and lunches to help showcase the regions burgeoning food credentials, and music talent.

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