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The concept radiates innovation and actuality, it tries to resuscitate the ancient “offices of wine” of neighbourhood and to bring the wine over again to “all the public”, to the understood ones and to those who are not so much, all this in a space multi-uses where coexist a wine vault, a shop and a bar.This project is directed to all the fans of the world of the wine, that nowadays the number is growing and with better knowledge, what implies a necessary progress of the services of the product.

Pedro Vivanco, the third generation of a family devoted to Rioja wine and founder of the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture, recently received Spain's 'medalla al Mérito en el Trabajo' (Medal of Merit for Work) for his many years of experience as a winemaker and director of several wineries, as well as a promoter of wine culture.  The government of Spain noted in the awards ceremony that Mr. Vivanco "succeeded in positioning Rioja wines and everything surrounding them in a situation of privilege on an international scale".

At Totally Spain we admire the work of the Great Wine Capitals Network (GWC) and have entered its Guest Bloggers Program competition for the past two years. Last year was the first year and we were very proud to have our entry included but alas no joy. This year, we entered again. And we WON!

This post, submitted by Ken Baldwin of Totally Spain, is a participant in the 2014 Guest Bloggers Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

Rather like its wine, the region of La Rioja in Northern Spain is an elegant and very traditional region – nothing too brash or overly showy here.

All Shapes and Sizes

~~16 June 2014, New York––Starting this fall, wine-loving travelers will have three new ways to explore Spain's beautiful Basque Country, with the launch of "Basque in it" a series of food-and-wine focused tours of the region. The first expeditions coincide with an especially delicious, vibrant time of year––the grape harvest.

The organizations that make up the Bilbao-Rioja partnership (The Chambers of Commerce of Bilbao, La Rioja and Álava, the Bilbao City Hall and the Grupo Rioja have launched the 2014 Bilbao-Rioja Communication award to honor the best journalistic work in 2013 and 2014 that promotes wine tourism in our region.

Any person or organization that has published work about wine tourism in Bilbao-Rioja between June 15, 2013 and September 1, 2014 in English or Spanish is eligible to participate.

This post about Bodegas Miguel Merino in Rioja, was submitted by Bill Eyer for the 2014 Guest Bloggers program.


Pepita Uva

PEPITA UVA, wine, crafts and routes, is a multi-disciplinary space that offers wine tourism-related services. Located in Laguardia, a medieval village in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa region, it is the departure point for our tours of this medieval town and of the entire La Rioja D.O.


Located at the foot of the Cantabria Mountain Range, in the incomparable setting of Laguardia, Bodegas Campillo was established in 1990 as an example of the integration of architecture and vineyards. It is the first Rioaj Alavesa winery built by an architect. Pioneering, elegant, majestic and functional. That is how we describe our facilities that can be enjoyed through the various wine-tourism activities on offer. A unique place in the heart of Rioja Alavesa.

Pagos de Leza

Pagos de Leza is not only a winery, it is a place where you can enjoy and learn about the exciting world of Rioja Alavesa wines and the environment where they are made in the company of excellent hosts: the Santa Maria family, owner of this modern and newly built winery where tradition and innovation go hand in hand to ensure a fun experience for each visitor.


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