Jul 14, 2023

Casa David, where Wines and Horses Converge under the Shelter of the Andes Mountains

Situated just 30 minutes away from Mendoza City, Casa David is an enchanting haven where two passions intertwine: wine and horses. Immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted experience offered by its friendly hosts, Rubén David and Andrea Richardi.

Five years ago, this dynamic couple embarked on their shared dream, and in April 2022, Casa David: Wines & Horses came to life. Nestled amidst the Cordón del Plata of the Andes Mountains, this extraordinary venue is ideal for destination weddings, personal and corporate events. Uncover a world of possibilities as you indulge in horseback riding, vineyard picnics, grape harvesting, traditional “asados criollos,” wine tastings, invigorating bike rides, and much more.

Every activity at Casa David is enhanced by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Alto Agrelo valley and the majestic Andes Mountains. Whether it’s the magical ambiance of day or night, the picturesque landscape captivates the soul.


Equine Breeding Center

Casa David is not only a haven for wine enthusiasts but also houses exceptional facilities dedicated to horse breeding. The horse breeding center at Casa David offers a range of services including semen extraction, freezing, insemination, and embryo transfer. The effectiveness of these procedures is exemplified by the arrival of 12 foals and jumping fillies born this January.

The expansive infrastructure of Casa David includes a 24-box stable, a state-of-the-art laboratory, a veterinary clinic, and the second largest swimming pool in Argentina. The pool serves as a sanctuary, aiding in the de-stressing and rehabilitation of horses following injuries or operations. Recently, a comfortable house was inaugurated, allowing prospective equine buyers to stay and closely observe their chosen horse.

Casa David also proudly hosts a tournament, boasting a professional show jumping arena. Andrea Richardi shared her aspirations, stating: “This is the second consecutive year that we have organized the tournament. Ultimately, we hope to host a date of the esteemed South American tournament, but we understand the importance of taking one step at a time.”

Within the stables, you will also find antique carriages dating back to 1813, 1814, and 1815. Carefully restored with their original spare parts, these carriages serve a truly charming purpose: transporting the bride, groom, and their guests to the chapel nestled on a hill within the vineyards.


Innovative Experiences

With such exceptional offerings, it comes as no surprise that in November 2022, Casa David was awarded the prestigious gold prize in the local and international Best of Wine Tourism contest, specifically in the category of “Excellence in Innovative Experiences.”

Reflecting on this achievement, Rubén expressed: “Winning this award was truly unexpected and deeply moving. Our passion for creating unique experiences in Mendoza received a resounding validation. Our innovative approach, combined with the allure of horses, continues to captivate visitors.”


El Gran Salto (The Big Jump)

(Rubén David and Andrea Richardi, owners of Casa David)

At the heart of the estate lies the magnificent main house, Gran Salto, where Casa David’s unforgettable events take place. This exceptional venue boasts a cellar brimming with high-quality wines, a first-class kitchen, and a spacious living room on the top floor, enveloped by expansive windows. Here, you can revel in the splendor of the mountainous landscape and its vibrant colors.

Andrea, an accomplished interior designer, meticulously crafted every detail of Gran Salto. “In decorating the property, I sought to utilize noble materials. Solid wood, soft cotton and linen, cozy corduroy, and sumptuous leather came together harmoniously. I allowed myself to embrace a more relaxed style,” she added.

Notably, the house features captivating artworks by local painters such as Martín Villalonga and Enrique Testasecca. The artists’ palettes effortlessly harmonize with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating an ambiance of perfect balance.


Future Projects

Looking ahead, the future holds immense promise for Rubén and Andrea. In September of this year, they will proudly introduce their own Malbec wine, “Gran Salto.” Rubén David shared his excitement, saying: “The fertile soil of Agrelo offers the ideal conditions for our vineyards. With significant variations in altitude across the property, we can cultivate varietals at different elevations.”

Furthermore, plans are underway to construct a five-star hotel on the premises. Additionally, a sustainable real estate development spanning 200 hectares will provide an opportunity for individuals seeking to build their dream homes or create a weekend retreat, all just minutes away from the city.

Rubén concluded by outlining forthcoming additions to Casa David, stating: “We are in the process of building lookout points, where our guests can savor a delectable barbecue accompanied by all the  services while basking in the majesty of the mountains.”

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(Rubén David and Andrea Richardi, owners of Casa David)

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