Aug 05, 2023

The classic country inn

The country inn Zornheimer Weinstuben with its special flair is a Great Wine Capitals prize winner in this field.
Zornheimer Weinstuben

Marijana and Lucas Christgen offer their guests a warm welcome. Credit: Lucas Christgen

Early in the afternoon, a large and a small group of hikers are already sitting outside, under parasols, on the idyllic square in front of the Zornheimer Weinstuben. The lively guests have hiked the “Hiwweltour” through the vineyards of Rheinhessen and now want to fortify themselves with regional wine and chef Lucas Christgen’s delicious dishes: Hiking makes you hungry.

Marijana Christgen and her service team look after the dusty guests and dry throats with dynamic charm. Shortly before, a funeral party had just left the restaurant – such is everyday life in a wine tavern in the countryside.

Time for their guests
Zornheimer Weinstuben

The country inn is located in the heart of a rural village. Credit: Lucas Christgen


Despite the hustle and bustle, Lucas takes time for a chat: the Christgens simply care about their visitors. The chef grew up in Mainz and learned his trade in the old town. He gained international experience in Switzerland and onboard luxury cruise ships in the South Seas and Antarctica.

The interior invites guests to relax. Credit: Wolfgang Junglas

While working as head chef at Schloss Sörgenloch in Rheinhessen, he met Marijana – the classic “chef & waitress” love story! In 2004, the gastronome couple passionately embarked on the adventure of self-employment and have been successfully running the Zornheimer Weinstuben ever since.





Zornheimer Weinstuben

Guests can be seated on several floors. Credit: Wolfgang Junglas

In the middle of the village, the former sexton’s house from the 17th century fascinates guests with its very own ambience. In the historic half-timbered house right in the town centre, next to the church, visitors discover small, cosy places and snug corners on four floors. There is even a small roof terrace on the second floor with additional outdoor seating. The service team sprints briskly up and down stairs to serve guests.

The house is several hundred years old. Credit: Wolfgang Junglas

The dishes are upscale, modern country house cuisine – with a Mediterranean twist. Croatian cuisine from Marijana’s home country sometimes leaves its mark on the menu. Bruschetta, king prawns and grilled fresh fish such as pikeperch are on the menu just as much as Rheinhessen potato soup. Very popular is the Rheinhessen poulard breast, as well as homemade fettucine with Mediterranean vegetables.


Wine takes centre stage

Wine has played a major role in Lucas family for generations. Croatia is also a wine country with a great tradition – so it’s no wonder that the Christgens are committed to a varied and high-quality wine list. “We only carry wines from winemakers that we also personally appreciate. After all, we also present the winery in the restaurant!” explains Lucas Christgen with confidence.

The Christgens combine German and Croatian lifestyle and cuisine. Credit: Lucas Christgen

The extensive wine list offers wines from well-known but also lesser-known Rhineland-Hessian wineries, and is moderately priced. More than twenty open wines make it easy for wine connoisseurs to choose. When it comes to sparkling wine, only the best is good enough: six perfect sparkling wines from the highly decorated Raumland sparkling wine estate are on offer.

During special menu evenings, the winegrowers personally present themselves to the guests in the wine taverns. The gastronomes appreciate the enchanting atmosphere of the house, which has been carefully restored by an architect and tastefully furnished with attention to detail: they live in part of the half-timbered house themselves with their two children.






The prize for the Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2023 in the category “Wine Gastronomy National” goes to the “Zornheimer Weinstuben”.

The authentic combination of wine, tourism and hospitality convinced the jury.


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To learn more about “Zornheimer Weinstuben” visit the website.


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