Aug 27, 2023

Creation Wines

Creation Wines celebrates nature through art, wine, and food, embracing a gentle approach that considers sustainability and perceptions of nature and community. Their collaboration with artist Kathy Robins and sculpture exhibition by Janko de Beer's titled 'Metamorphosis' reflect their commitment to art and culture, earning them recognition as winners in the Art and Culture category of the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2023.


Appreciating the gifts of nature, Creation Wines takes on a gentle approach to listening to Nature; the thoughtful contemplation of People, Place and the rich tapestry of their Cultures. Creation Wines collaborated with the celebrated and inspirational artist, Kathy Robins, on a solo exhibition, titled ‘RE-TURN’, which offers the opportunity to consider, listen to, absorb and think about sustainability and perceptions of nature and community.



The wine farm is known for their exquisite pieces by Janko de Beer’s sculpture exhibition aptly titled ‘Metamorphosis’ which can be found being displayed all over the estate. It is clear to see why Creation Wines has won the title for best in Art and Culture.

“It’s a real tribute to our team to win this award… No one could be more proud than Jesse and I of our team, our suppliers, our customers, and our stakeholders. We are so proud to have been awarded two awards for Great Wine Capitals.”

– Carolyn Martin – Co-founder and Marketing Director, Creation Wines

For full list of winners and more information download the e-booklet HERE | Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2023 Cape and the Western Cape