Mar 03, 2023

DELAMAIN COGNAC – From artisan to art.

Delamain is a venerable ‘maison’. For over 200 years, nine generations of the family have guided this Cognac house towards the 21st century.

Delamain Cognac was created in 1824, by Henri Delamain, whose grandfather arrived in Jarnac from Ireland in 1759. He was the first of many passionate family members at the head of the house, an eclectic mix of an archaeologist, an ornithologist, a historian, a writer, a humanist and a botanist.

A blend of passions and knowledge that make up their unique DNA.



Delamain Cognac is made uniquely from grapes of the Grande Champagne, one of the best ‘crus’ of Cognac.

After distillation, the barrels of spirit age at the very heart of the house, in the 18th century cellars. Producing a great Cognac cannot be rushed and here the Cognac slowly ages, uniquely in old French oak barrels, that limit the tannic nature of the Cognac, preserving it’s elegance yet increasing its aromatic complexity. A complexity reinforced by spending time in the different cellars, each one adding its own signature ‘microclimate’ of humidity, ventilation and temperature.

Dominique Touteau, Delamain’s Cellar Master of  40 years, blends the Cognac at the very last moment. When it has stopped evolving, when it is at its peak.


Delamain only produces XO or “Extra Old” Cognac, bottled as a function of demand, almost to order.


From the shadows to light

Last year, they opened “N°9 rue Delamain”, next to the cellars and just a stone’s throw from the Charente river. This new, elegant and contemporary visitors’ centre is the perfect complement to the ancient stone cellars. A stained-glass window cleverly crafted by local glass-maker, Atelier Saint Joseph, depicts Cognac production. It brings together contemporary design and an ancient art.


It sets the scene for a sensory discovery.

Beautiful gem that recieved a Best Of Wine Tourism award last october in the “Art & Culture” category.




Senses and sensations


Each visit is a personalised and tailored experience, crafted with the same attention to detail as the production of the Cognac. Guests discover the 200 years of craftsmanship and history in the atmospheric Vieille Cave, Prieuré and Millésimé cellars, and see first-hand the importance of time in making Cognac, discovering how ageing creates unique characteristics of blended and single cask cognacs.

They can then choose from a tasting of the Pale & Dry XO, or of Cognacs from the limited edition Pléiade collection of older bottles.


The passion of the house for nature and their attention to detail transforms the visit into a sensory experience, touch, taste, smell and sight.

Guests experience carefully curated exhibitions by contemporary artists and craftsmen that also link the past to the present and underline the role man plays in interpreting nature.






Take flight


Last summer, this space was transformed into an aviary thanks to the ethereal creations of local paper artist Anja Madsen Pernot and a Christian Hirlay steel robin sculpture in the garden. A nod to both Jacques Delamain’s passion for ornithology, the eagle on the label and the importance they attach to the land through their environmental initiatives.



From artisan to art


Maison Delamain also showcased local craftsman Paul Émile Fort from Jarnac workshop He created a « Mémoire de Chais » collection including a chair in the colours of the Cognac vineyard,  inspired by the cognac process and a cabinet of curiosities from the house.

This passion for and promotion of local and contemporary artists, links to the house philosophy of creation and inspiration. It takes the visitor on a voyage beyond the glass.

Guests can also take the time to discover how Cognac matches with food.

Once again concentrating on local specialties, as prestigious as the Cognac : caviar de Gensac, foie gras and handmade chocolates.



Nourishment for both the body and the soul.



Wendy Narby

Insider Tasting