Regional winner
Art & Culture

Delamain Cognac

Bordeaux | France

For more than two centuries and through nine generations, Maison Delamain has been exploring the exceptional sensory potential of Grande Champagne.

Its aim? To express itself through the elaboration of its cognacs by drawing on the senses of taste and smell. With its newly opened space “N°9 rue Delamain”, the Maison wishes to enhance this multi-sensory and interactive experience by adding a new dimension to it: visual arts. Art exhibitions will therefore stage this space, welcoming you into the heart of Delamain’s history and into its craftsmanship.

The objective: to highlight the vital connexion between Human and the beauty of Nature that is deeply rooted in Cognac culture. This aromatic, gustatory and visual journey enables you to extend your artistic and sensory perceptions.

7 rue Jacques et Robert Delamain
16200 JARNAC
(+33) 05 45 81 08 24
45.6802145, -0.1779436

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  • Disabled Facilities: No
  • Accommodation: No
  • Food Facilities: No
  • Conference Facilities: No
  • Languages Spoken: English, French