Jan 13, 2024

Farina Wines – Marrying Tradition with Sustainability

Prepare to transcend beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in the heart of sustainable wine tourism. As we journey through the intricate tapestry of the global wine industry, one cannot ignore the influential role of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWCGN). This network stands as a testament to commitment, excellence, and sustainable practices, fostering connections among internationally renowned wine regions.

Our journey leads us to the picturesque city of Verona, a city steeped in history, love, and a deeply rooted tradition of winemaking. As a proud member of the GWCGN, Verona has garnered international acclaim. In 2024, this recognition reached a new pinnacle as the Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award was bestowed upon Farina Wines, an establishment that perfectly embodies the spirit of this prestigious honour.


Under the stewardship of Claudio and Elena Farina, Farina Wines carries forward a legacy spanning two decades, defined by identity, innovation, and sustainability. Farina Wines shares the network’s commitment to excellence. The GWCGN serves as a catalyst, fostering a global connection between wine regions and promoting sustainable wine tourism practices that reverberate through the vineyards of Verona, as exemplified by the award-winning Farina Wines.

Claudio and Elena Farina

Claudio and Elena Farina


Farina Wines offers much more than just exceptional wines; it provides a comprehensive sensory experience within its expanded winery. Nestled within a contemporary farmhouse-style edifice, the winery stands as a living embodiment of the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Inviting tasting rooms within the historic dovecote allure visitors to savour the complex flavours of Farina’s distinguished wines, accompanied by locally sourced culinary delights, thereby elevating the entirety of the wine tourism experience.


Sustainable, low-impact viticulture forms the backbone of Farina Wines’ ethos. Farina embraces technological progress and extensive oenological research. Innovative concrete and ceramic containers serve as a canvas, allowing the wines to express their natural balance and complexity. This is a testament to the sustainable practices that align with the broader principles fostered by the GWCGN.


Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024, the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards symbolise the apex of excellence within the industry. An initiative by the GWCGN acknowledges outstanding achievements and sets the global standard for wine tourism. Verona’s accomplishments within the network significantly contribute to the evolution of wine tourism, with Farina Wines shining brightly as an exemplary beacon.


As accolades continue to accumulate, it is clear that Farina Wines is not just winning awards but also crafting unforgettable experiences. The symbiotic relationship between the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards and the GWCGN drives the transformation of Verona into a flourishing epicentre of wine tourism. It is fuelled by overarching principles of excellence, sustainability, and reverence for tradition, and invites both aficionados and novices alike into a realm where each sip is a symphony, and every visit is an artistic revelation.


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Credits: Farina Wines