Mar 30, 2024

Le Carezze Organic Winery – Sustainable viticulture, fine wine and the silence of nature.

The restoration of the biodiversity and attention to nature, before planting its first vineyard.

The organic winery “Le Carezze” took its place in the Doges’ Plain in 1994, when the Marangoni family bought the 30-hectar estate. From that moment a continuous work of recovery of biodiversity and attention to nature has begun: uprooting the traditional apple orchard and planting 10 hectares of tall-tree woods. Thanks to this woodland it has been possible to restore the local flora and fauna: woodpeckers, the kingfishers, wild ducks, hares, but also elms, oaks, and other typical plants of the area.

For 20 years the attention had been completely focused on the creation of biodiversity, before planting, only in 2014, the first vineyard. Nowadays, the estate counts 11 hectares of vineyard.

Le Carezze Organic Winery

The PIWI (Pilzwiderstandfähig) varieties

The grape varieties were chosen after an accurate study, selecting those that were the most suitable for the territory and reflected the eco-friendly philosophy towards the environment, not needing chemical treatments. We are talking of PIWI (Pilzwiderstandfähig) varieties, created to be resistant to the most common fungal diseases and which don’t need the use of sulphur and copper in the vineyard.

The high-quality wines produced have gained several awards both locally and internationally. The territory and the processing techniques have allowed the wines to reach these results.

Le Carezze Organic Winery

Le Carezze project and the welcoming activities

This eco-friendly and sustainable philosophy is also reflected in the touristic welcoming activity. When the guest arrives at Le Carezze he is completely immersed in this oasis, dominated by greenery and nature. The experience starts with a walk through the woods and the vineyards, to discover the fauna and flora characterizing the area. On a few hectares, in 2023, special flower varieties were planted in order to improve and sustain beekeeping, creating incredible games and shades of colours.

Le Carezze Organic Winery

The visit continues in the cellar and ends with the tastings in the new hall. The guests are able to taste and discover Le Carezze wines paired with high-quality local food, with attention to km0 and sustainable productions.

Photo credits: Le Carezze Organic Winery