Apr 03, 2024

Alpamanta Winery: A Sustainable Legacy in Wine Tourism

In the scenic heart of Mendoza, Argentina, you'll discover Alpamanta Winery, a glowing exemplar for sustainable practices in wine tourism worldwide. Their recent triumph as the Global Winner in the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2024 by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network is a ringing endorsement of Alpamanta's steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge innovation.

One of the Great Wine Capitals’ most renowned initiatives is the annual Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. This competition spotlights wineries and wine tourism businesses that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. A panel of industry experts meticulously evaluates each participant, identifying those who deliver the finest wine tourism experiences worldwide. Alpamanta winery received a Global prize in the 2024 competition.



Highest recognition!


Alpamanta’s triumph as a Global winner of the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards is a powerful endorsement of their deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship. Their green initiatives extend beyond mere compliance – they are an integral part of Alpamanta’s ethos. The winery’s infrastructure includes green roofs, a biolake, and solar panels, effectively minimising its carbon footprint. They also boast an innovative water treatment plant that recycles water for gardening, and an ozone sanitising system that reduces reliance on harmful chemicals.





A holistic approach to sustainability


In addition to its infrastructure, Alpamanta champions a holistic approach to sustainability. They nurture biodiversity by integrating animals into their ecosystem and using natural fertilisers. This dedication extends beyond their vineyards, with Alpamanta actively collaborating with local communities to foster environmental consciousness and promote responsible practices.

Alpamanta’s Founder and Owner, Andrej Razumovsky, encapsulates the winery’s ethos in his words, “Sustainability isn’t just a bandwagon trend for us at Alpamanta, it’s our legacy,” he said. “We’re investing in future generations by demonstrating that you can produce exquisite wines while also caring for the planet.”

Alpamanta’s journey to global recognition underscores the growing importance of sustainability within the wine industry. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, wineries like Alpamanta are leading the charge towards a future where sustainable practices are not just an asset, but a necessity.

Their story serves as a testament to their belief that environmental responsibility and economic prosperity can coexist harmoniously. They serve as a beacon for the wine industry, demonstrating that sustainability and excellence enhance each other. As the world gravitates towards a more sustainable future, Alpamanta stands tall, inspiring others to join them on this journey towards creating a more sustainable future for both the industry and our planet.

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Photo Credits: @Bodegas Alpamanta