Feb 13, 2023

Marqués de Murrieta: Traditional Rioja Winery with Modern Sophistication

Global winner in Best of Wine Tourism's Architecture & Landscape category, the story of Marqués de Murrieta, the tireless pursuit of perfection, is a tale of family, history, and a passion for wine. Founded in 1852 by Don Luciano Murrieta, the Riojan winery was created with the intention of producing a high-quality wine that would last over time and could be exported outside of Spain. Don Luciano's dream was realized when his mythical 1852 vintage was sent to countries such as Mexico and Cuba, making it the first Rioja wine to be exported.

Today, the Cebrián-Sagarriga family, guided by their philosophy of excellence, oversees Marqués de Murrieta Estates & Wines, located in Logroño, the capital city of La Rioja. This family, educated in hard work and daily effort, is united with their team to keep their tradition alive and believe in the quality they can offer. They work with their hands, minds, and hearts, always balancing the latest technology with their history, which led the Riojan winery to eminence recognition.

Marqués de Murrieta’s vineyard, the Finca Ygay, is a 300-hectare vineyard located in the south of Rioja Alta. Under the leadership of María Vargas, the winemaking team, with the help of a privileged climate and ongoing care of the vineyard, creates wines with enormous personality. Being surrounded by the winery allows for complete control of the quality of their wines from the moment they are born.

Bodegas Marques Murrieta, Historical Cellar

The Marqués de Murrieta Foundation, established to care for the winery’s facilities and conserve its belongings and documentation, also allocates resources to help disadvantaged families and groups. This commitment to giving back is a core part of the winery’s philosophy.

In 2021, the winery completed its renovation, inaugurating a new winemaking area of more than 25,000 square meters while maintaining the original 19th-century architecture. This new complex for winemaking and ageing is surrounded by 50,000 square meters of new gardens.

Bodegas Marques Murrieta, Tasting Room

The Castillo de Ygay deliciously combines historical heritage, noble materials, and the latest technologies, transforming the oldest industrial building in Europe into a benchmark of modernity and balance.
Thanks to its historical importance for the world of wine, its heritage and the architecture of the building itself, Castillo de Ygay and, therefore, the headquarters of Marqués de Murrieta was officially recognized as a museum in 2019.

In its 170 years of history, the Rioja winery has received dozens of awards but was most recently the Best of Wine Tourism’s Architecture & Landscape global winner. This award serves as recognition for the winery’s continuous innovation and the dedication of its enthusiastic team. It is a testament to their philosophy of always striving for excellence and the pursuit of perfection.

Exterior of Bodegas Marques Murrieta

In the coming years, Marqués de Murrieta plans to complete its tourist offerings, making it a destination for wine lovers worldwide. With its rich history, stunning vineyards, and commitment to quality, this winery is a true gem of Rioja, a region blessed by geography and climate for winemaking. The team at Marqués de Murrieta will continue to work tirelessly to maintain their status as a Best of Wine Tourism winner and to bring their unique vision of the world of wine to the world.

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