Feb 18, 2024

Viña Casas del Bosque: Globally Leading the Way in Sustainable Wine Practices

Tucked in the heart of Chile's Casablanca’s Valparaíso Valley, Viña Casas del Bosque is a testament to sustainable winemaking excellence. Recently winning the recognition of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWCGN) for Sustainable Wine Practices, a tribute to their commitment to harmonising environmental stewardship with top-tier wine production.

This Best Of Wine Tourism Award is a milestone where sustainability meets wine tourism. It is not just a pat on the back for Viña Casas del Bosque; it is a nod to Chile’s dedication to sustainable viticulture and unforgettable visitor experiences. With 2024 marking the 20th annual Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, this is no small feat and a commendable achievement, taking the international stage as the Global Winner in Casablanca’s Valparaíso valley.

Founded in 1993, Viña Casas del Bosque is more than a winery; it is a symbol of excellence. Their wines embody authenticity, character, and a profound connection to the region’s unique terroir. What has set them apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their Waste Minimisation campaign, launched in 2023, reflects their dedication to reducing environmental impact. Their sustainable practices extend beyond mere concepts; they are tangible actions resonating throughout their winemaking process. From vegan-friendly wines to their minimally intervened Botanic line, they are committed to translating their vineyard philosophy into sustainable cellar practices.


Viña Casas del Bosque is more than a winery

Viña Casas del Bosque is more than a winery


Casa del Bosque’s architectural design embodies energy efficiency, using skylights and roof windows to cut down electricity usage while promoting natural ventilation. They strictly manage their vineyard and cellar products, emphasising recycling, composting, and responsible waste disposal.

“Through our commitment to sustainable wine tourism, we have managed to create a thriving business model that supports local employment and contributes to the regional economy. Our sustainable initiatives have not only attracted eco-conscious visitors but also fostered a sense of pride and ownership among our staff. This, in turn, has resulted in increased productivity and a positive work environment.” Giorgianna Cúneo, Vineyard Manager of Casas del Bosque.


Viña Casas del Bosque is more than a winery

Viña Casas del Bosque is more than a winery


Their wine tourism initiatives truly reflect their outlook on sustainability. Visitors can explore the vineyard’s rich ecosystem through bike tours, picnics by the Los Olivos dam, and birdwatching, fostering a deeper respect for nature.

By awarding Casas del Bosque the global honour, the Best of Wine Tourism Awards not only celebrates their achievements but underscores the crucial role of sustainable wine tourism in Chile. Casas del Bosque is leading by example, weaving a story where wine, sustainability, and Chilean heritage blend seamlessly, setting a trailblazing example for all to follow.


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Photo credit: Viña Casas del Bosque