Regional winner
Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Le Carezze Organic Winery

Verona | Italy

Le Carezze Organic Winery is located in the south part of Verona, in an area between the Adige and the Fratta rivers, where 11 over a total of 30 hectares are cultivated with an organic system. The mission of the winery is to restore the biodiversity of the wine cultivation and of its land; for this purpose, during the past years, a great part of the land has seen the plantation of native tall trees and the repopulation of various plants and animal species. Different tours are possible inside the vinery, where the guest can stroll through the flourishing nature of the vineyard, stimulated by the colours and the scents. One of the highlight of the tour is the beautifully restored Tasting Hall, where the visitors can appreciate the organic wines here produced.

Le Carezze Verona

Photo credits: Le Carezze Cantina Biologica

Via Carezze, 28/A - 37040 Terrazzo (Verona)
+39 0442 1908111
45.1848038, 11.3986746

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  • Disabled Facilities: Yes
  • Accommodation: No
  • Food Facilities: No
  • Conference Facilities: Yes
  • Languages Spoken: Italian, English, Spanish