27 October 2019 : Through the city, along the shores of Lake Geneva and through the UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyards, each participant finds the right route for them and their ability from a choice of different disciplines and distances. On the Sunday, nearly 13,500 competitors come together to beat records or simply challenge their personal best. Not forgetting the ever-growing number of enthusiastic spectators who come to cheer on their champions or just to join in with the sporting spirit of the Olympic capital.

There simply seems no cleverer combination than wine and sports! Look at it this way: While sports fans are happy to enjoy both things at the same time, the lazybones among us could see it as an inspiration to do at least some sports. Anyway, exercise is good and wine is even better.

During the recent visit to Rioja of a one hundred-person delegation from the World Tourism Organization, its Secretary-General Zurab Polokikashvili confessed that he was “in love with La Rioja”.  It’s not surprising, given Rioja’s spectacular scenery, the well-deserved reputation of Rioja wines, the wineries’ increasing focus on tourism, and the region’s vibrant food culture.

The US magazine Wine Enthusiast recently nominated three wineries from Rioja  (Muga, CVNE and Vivanco) to receive Wine Star awards. The awards honor outstanding members of the worldwide wine and spirits industry.

Facing the challenges and the obstacles of the world of wine with enthusiasm and professional commitment.

The luxury wine hotel was one of the big winners of the awards from the British magazine World of Fine Wine, winning the “Best Regional Wine List in the World”, “Best Regional Wine List in Europe”, “Three-Star Wine List” and “Jury Prize”.

It has never been more exciting to be a winemaker in Mendoza, and the hundreds of winemaking students at local universities and winemaking interns learning the ropes in local bodegas each year can contest to that.

What makes Mendoza’s wine scene so dynamic are the youngest generation who are bringing new ideas and new tastes onto the scene. While there are many young winemakers working in the wineries of Mendoza, there’s an exciting new generation of independent vignerons who are bringing their own labels and wine styles to the fore.

She lives in Ovar where she is also a very successful lawyer. She is stubborn, persistent, dedicated to what she does and has an amazing energy, taking everything by storm. But she has another feature so typical of her: she is extremely friendly and polite, always ready to help and has the ability to get along with everyone around her, making new friends quite easily. Married with two daughters, she is short in stature and still has a girlish face, always with a broad, infectious smile and she is a lot of fun.

Catherine Cruchon : a young gun passionate about wine!

In Valparaíso Casablanca Valley there are many women who stand out in the field of wine tourism and wine service. The story of Andrea Rebolledo, Tourism Manager of Tapihue Wines is a great reference, how to customize the service and detect empathy as the best tool to give tourists an unforgettable experience