Sep 18, 2023

V d’Or Award for ambitious and responsible wine business initiatives

Recognizing excellence in the realms of business innovation, responsibility, and collaboration, the V d’Or Awards, orchestrated by Vinexposium, annually bestow prestigious "V d’Or" trophies upon the most ambitious ventures. Don't miss the opportunity and apply by October 1, 2023, to participate in this esteemed wine award competition.
About the Award

The V d’Or Awards are organised by Vinexposium. They will reward the most ambitious business initiatives in terms of performance, responsibility and collective spirit with “V d’Or award” trophies in an annual competition.

By seeking the expertise of a wide panel of professionals, and by featuring the V d’Or Awards ceremony as part of the Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 event organised in February, the V d’Or Awards aim to encourage the construction of a sustainable future for the wine and spirits sector and highlight ambitious initiatives to an international audience.

The V d’Or Awards are awarded after two votes by the members of the College of the V d’Or Awards, and during a dedicated awards ceremony held on the eve of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, attended by the Nominees. This ceremony will be simultaneously broadcast on the digital portal of the Vinexposium group. The projects selected will also benefit from dedicated visibility during Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024.


Award Categories

Entries are open to relevant Initiatives in one of the following 6 categories:

It is specified that one Honorary V d’Or Award will also be awarded. Selection for that award will take place off the platform.
Participants may present one or more Initiatives, as the number of entries per candidate company is not limited. Any company presenting several Initiatives must complete one entry for each Initiative presented.
Nevertheless, the same Initiative may only be presented in one category.


Terms of Participation

Entries for the V d’Or Awards are made online, in the dedicated section of the website. Participants can submit their entry by completing the information requested in the online form.
Participants must provide, for each of the Initiatives presented:

  • answers in English to the online questionnaire,
  • at least one visual,
  • observable and measurable elements that make it possible to understand the concrete results of the Initiative,
  • the logo of their company, and the logo of their Initiative if applicable, in high definition, in case they are selected as finalists.


The entry forms must be completed and submitted no later than October 1st 2023 at midnight, in the format requested on the web platform set up by the Company on the website.

The Winners will be presented to the public during Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024. Nominees and Winners may be the subject of a presentation to the public throughout the duration of the Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024, through a printed document and/or a presentation.


 Application Rules