Oct 02, 2023

Exploring the World of Wine Tourism: Great Wine Capitals Conference Day 2023

A warm welcome to the exceptional 2023 edition! The Great Wine Capitals Annual Meeting returns, this time in tandem with the 6th edition of the "Swiss Wine Tourism Meetings." This unique convergence offers an opportunity to connect with Swiss and international wine tourism stakeholders. It unveils the captivating initiatives adopted by a nation enriched with a deep wine-growing legacy, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.
Swift, Efficient, Comprehensive

In the span of just one exhilarating day, there will be a comprehensive overview of wine tourism and its global evolution. The presentations are concise, focusing on delivering valuable insights without unnecessary delays. The dynamic, fast-paced format presents a diverse range of topics catering to individual interests with an outstanding lineup of specialists and rare speakers, followed by a delightful cocktail hour, fostering engaging discussions and memorable interactions.


Forum Zone – Where Ideas Take Center Stage

During the lunch break, the Forum Zone awaits—a mini-fair promising a stimulating encounter. Here, attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore the Swiss nominees for the esteemed Best Of Wine Tourism 2024 awards, along with a glimpse of past winners.



This extraordinary international conference day will unfold at the prestigious Olympic Museum in Lausanne. The presentations will primarily be offered in English or French, ensuring that language poses no barriers to participation. Additionally, all presentations will benefit from simultaneous French-English and English-French translation, enhancing comprehension and enjoyment of the event.


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Photo credit: David Carlier