May 05, 2023

Lausanne à Table

Lausanne à Table is a non-profit association that organizes nearly forty events from May to December in Lausanne. It has nearly 200 taste experts and aims to promote in all its forms and in particular local artisans and their products in the Lausanne region.

Nearly fifty events are organized by “Lausanne à Table” from May to December 2023.


A selection of the key events of this year:


Happy wine Flon (May 2023)

For two days, the winegrowers of the region will set down their suitcases and their best bottles in the heart of the capital of Vaud. The event aims to enliven the Flon district by bringing together visitors, local traders and winegrowers around the theme of wine.

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Women winemaker’s Celebration (June 2023)

10 women winemakers are coming to Grancy to give a tasting of their wines. It’s only in 2008 that women winemakers finally were able to join the Confrérie des Vignerons! And in 10 years, they caught up with 2 millennia. Now there are plenty of women who excel in vinification and produce vintages worthy of the greatest.

The Café de Grancy invites you to meet a panel of the best women winemakers of Romandie – and their marvelous products – at the Place Alfred-Stucky. Small plates will be prepared by Fanny, Café de Grancy’s chef.Fanny, Café de Grancy’s chef.

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Hummus & Wine (November 2023)

“Hummus & Wine” brings together the wine terroir and the musical breeding ground in – sometimes improbable – locations of the Canton of Vaud. Launched by the Brasserie de Montbenon, Vaud’s viticulture hot spot and Hummus Records’ label, Swiss music scene’s advocate, this itinerant festival will visit wine estates, museums, churches and even castles. Each location will have one (or several) artists performing live as well as the presence of winemakers.

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221th Vins de Lausanne public auction (December 2023)

Ritually, since 1803, Ville de Lausanne sells a portion of its wines during an auction organized on the 2nd Saturday of December. A unique occasion to acquire batches of the historic range of Domaines de la Ville de Lausanne and share a living tradition registered in Vaud intangible cultural heritage since 2014.

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