Jun 10, 2024

Discover the Delights of Verona: a Gastronomic and Panoramic Journey

From traditional “trattoria” serving time-honored Veronese dishes to panoramic "agriturismo" pushing the boundaries of Italian cuisine, Verona promises a culinary adventure that will delight food enthusiasts and casual diners alike.
Farm-to-table culinary experience, hidden in the hills of Torricelle

Nestled among the rolling hills of Torricelle, just a stone’s throw from Verona, Corte San Mattia is an agriturismo surrounded by ancient cypress trees, vineyards, orchards, and centuries-old olive trees. Its privileged location allows guests to enjoy one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Verona from the outdoor terrace, the windows of the rooms, and the restaurant. The view encompasses the entire historic center, following the path of the Adige River until the distant Apennines come into sight. In this amazing location, Corte San Mattia offers some of the most interesting wine experiences in the area.

The on-site organic winery, Cantina Giovanni Ederle, specializes in producing the typical wines of Verona, such as Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone, and Recioto. Also produced are still and sparkling white wines, all crafted organically and sustainably. Wine tastings on the panoramic terrace are often accompanied by other products from the farm, including organic DOP extra virgin olive oil, honey, marmalades, and goat cheese.

Corte San Mattia

In 2020, the wine tasting offerings were completely revamped to better cater to guests’ preferences. A variety of tastings are now available that differ in the types of wines presented, the local products paired with them, the locations, and the duration. This allows for a personalized and immersive experience, ensuring that each guest’s visit is unique and memorable.

Corte San Mattia

Laboratorio Caprini: a world of traditional cuisine waiting to be discovered

Growing up among the tables of the family trattoria, Davide always knew that his path would be in the kitchen. Today, with nearly twenty years of experience, he is ready to teach people how to make hand-rolled pasta.

Trattoria Caprini

After years spent behind the stove, the turning point came the day he met Ruthie Rogers, who invited him to do a demonstration in her Michelin-starred restaurant in London—an opportunity that was truly once in a lifetime. The experience of cooking in an open kitchen, in front of the diners, gave him a winning idea: to take his family’s art out of the kitchen and start sharing it with everyone. His traditionalist approach to the typical cuisine of his region reflects the village in Valpolicella where he grew up. At Trattoria Caprini, in fact, Davide and his family carry on a tradition started four generations ago by his great-grandfather Silvio.

Davide grew up playing with rolling pins from a very young age and soon learned to roll pasta under the watchful eye of his mother Pierina. In 2009, he met the owners of the River Café. They were traveling up and down Italy looking for places specializing in traditional cuisine. Enchanted by Davide’s skill, they invited him to do a demonstration in their restaurant. Davide accepted and went to work in London for about a month. His first thrill came from a bookstore with about fifty books on display, all featuring a beautiful photo of the entrance to Trattoria Caprini on the cover. In London, he realized that people needed something more and decided to involve the customers in the pasta-making process. Back home, he cleared a table and began rolling pasta in front of the customers to see their reactions.

So, Davide started organizing small cooking classes, eventually leading to the creation of Laboratorio Caprini. Here, there is much to learn, from pasta to bread, culminating in the finished dish served in the trattoria where his brother Sergio offers the perfect pairing with Valpolicella wines; a world of tradition and craftsmanship waiting to be discovered.

Trattoria Caprini

Photo Credits: Trattoria Caprini, Corte San Mattia