Jun 10, 2024

Sustainability and a Michelin star

Steins Traube is a Michelin star restaurant with a 100-year legacy. Discover how haute cuisine and self-reliance go hand in hand with great wines.

Steins Traube restaurant is located in Mainz and has been family-owned for six generations. Today, Philipp Stein and his wife Alina run the business, which has earned a Michelin star and a Best of Wine Tourism Award in 2024. Behind the elegant grey façade, the restaurant offers contemporary haute cuisine with a local focus and world-class wines.

Although more than 100 years old, the restaurant has a fresh and modern look with lively colours. The vibe is relaxing and welcoming. Alina Stein knows how to make her guests feel at home right away. “Visiting our restaurant is like visiting friends” she says.

The theme carries on in the kitchen: The dishes are exquisitely prepared and presented, yet never over-the-top. The restaurant offers both menus and á la carte with seafood, meats, vegetables and desserts. Have you ever tried poached Atlantic sole, artichoke foam soup or tartare sandwich with caviar? However, the Stein family also keeps sustainability in mind. Self-reliance is part of the concept and the Stein family grows a variety of vegetables in their backyard, while 25 chickens provide eggs for the kitchen.

Top wines in the romantic potato cellar

The restaurant offers a stunning selection of German and international wines. “The wine cellar used to be a potato cellar” Phillip Stein explains. His  father began using it for wine instead. He is proud of his selection of local wines from Rheinhessen, including wines from legendary wineries like Johannisberg. International wines include prestigious wineries from Bordeaux, Napa Valley and Piemonte.

Steins Traube remains one of the top-end destinations for food and wine in the Mainz area. The restaurant proves why Mainz and Rheinhessen are rightly one of the Great Wine Capitals in the world.

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