Mar 28, 2024

Hawke’s Bay wine industry major palliative care funder

Major funding is delivered to the Hawke’s Bay’s palliative care service, Cranford Hospice, every year thanks to the generosity of the region’s wine industry.

Established in 1991, the Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction is New Zealand’s oldest wine auction and sees the region’s wineries and winemakers offer unique and invaluable lots for auction at no cost. All funds raised go to supporting the hospice services.

It was an idea was born from a casual conversation between local winemakers, Alan Limmer (then Stonecroft Winery), John Buck of Te Mata Estate Winery and Kate Radburnd (then with CJ Pask). They believed there was a need for the regional wine industry to demonstrate its ability to be a contributing member of the community and to promote Hawke’s Bay wine to New Zealand. Cranford Hospice was approached with the idea of a charity wine auction and the rest is now history.

Every year, the Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction goes from strength to strength and makes the single biggest donation to Cranford Hospice. It attracts wine lovers from across New Zealand to it’s Great Wine Capital Hawke’s Bay, who can get involved by attending either the preview event, where guests can sample some of the unique lots prior to auction, or the auction itself.

The event, which happens each year during August and September, attracts those interested in the finer aspects of life, those that enjoy quality and recognise the importance of being associated with a high-end event in the region. Auction lots are predominantly various barrel sizes of the best local wine. Barrels have been an integral part of Hawkes Bay’s wine scene since the beginnings in the late 1800s. The classical use of oak subtly enhances complexity and maturity contributing to the notable cellaring potential of Hawkes Bay wine styles.

The relationship between Cranford Hospice and the wine industry has become more and more personal over the years the auction has been running. There is a very strong association among individual winemakers and producers with this event, and wine auction lots are selected and submitted with a great deal of thought, consideration and generosity.

The 2024 Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction lots will be previewed on 14 August and auctioned off on 14 September this year.


Photo Credit Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction