Apr 03, 2024

Wine for Good

The extensive vine-covered hills characterize the landscape of Rheinhessen. Wine means pleasure, passion and a very special attitude to life. But wine can do even more. It can bring people together – to do good together.
Doing good together

The Meyer family, who bought the St. Antony winery in Nierstein in 2005, supports different projects to express their commitment to the region and the people of Rheinhessen while also working with wineries from other regions. During the disastrous flood in the Ahr valley in 2021, they started a campaign in support of those winemakers, affected by the flood. To do so, they called on other winegrowers. Using the hashtag #vonwinzernfürwinzer (by winemakers for winemakers) they collected wines from various regions in Germany, Europe and even South Africa for donation. They packed boxes filled with the donated bottles. The campaign raised € 1.3 million in donations. All the proceeds went to the winegrowers in the Ahr valley. This campaign proves, that wine can do good as well.

The St. Antony winery in Nierstein was found in 1920. Since then, the family has invested in the outstanding vineyards of the “Rote Hang”. It is one of the most famous and spectacular vineyard sites in Rheinhessen. Its slopes fall steeply down to the river Rhine. The winery is certified as organic and – since 2019 – the family has been cultivating the slopes by hand without any mechanical support. According to the family – origin is the key to creating unique wines.


Wine experience for children

Kinderwingert©Angelika Friedrich Sulzheim

Rheinhessen is famously known as the land of 1.000 hills. The mighty Rhine river creates a unique micro-climate and blesses the region with warm weather and vine-covered hills and slopes. The local culture is deeply rooted in viticulture, which exudes a very special attitude towards life.

The Kinderwingert project (vineyard for children) educates even the youngest about the importance of viticulture for their home region. Under the affectionate nickname “KIWI”, Rheinhessen’s culture and wine ambassadors take young people aged six to 12 on an exciting journey.

In the beginning, each child chooses its own individual vine in the vineyard. After that, the aspiring young winegrowers meet several times a year to work in the vineyard and experience the development of their vines throughout the year. They learn all the steps needed to grow wine: from pruning, bending, stapling and soil cultivation to harvesting the grapes and pressing them into delicious Rhine-Hessian grape juice.

However, there is a lot more to see: children learn about the fauna and flora in and around the vineyard. The project provides a unique experience that they will never forget!


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