Mar 09, 2022

The «Escargot Rouge»

The Office des Vins Vaudois in Lausanne, together with some forty winegrowers, launched this new red wine under the brand name "Escargot Rouge" (Red Snail). On the one hand, this brand highlights the know-how and the quality of Vaud wines. On the other hand, it demonstrates that the canton of Vaud, known mainly for its white wines, also produces excellent reds.

The vineyards of Vaud stretch around Lake Geneva and the lakes of Neuchâtel and Morat. In 2020, some 24 million liters of wine were produced, of which about 60% were white varieties and 40% red.

The snail as an emblematic symbol

Experts agree that red wines from the Canton of Vaud are as good as the white varieties. However, they do not (yet) enjoy the same reputation among consumers. It is on this observation that the Office des Vins Vaudois has launched the brand “Escargot Rouge“, currently produced by about forty wineries. A snail adorns the label, symbolizing both the production time needed to create a quality red wine and also a nutrient-rich soil. This new brand aims to bring red wines to the forefront. A synergy effect between the producers of the brand is expected. Each of the wineries will benefit from the support and promotion of joint sales.

Thus, each producer creates its own “Escargot Rouge”, in the versions “Original” (fruity, round) and “Selection” (structured wine, aged in oak barrels). These products are available in specialized stores and retail stores, as well as from each partner winery. The production of the wine is subject to a strict quality charter. According to this charter, the two ranges take into account a harmonious balance of the typical grape varieties of the region (Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gamaret and Garanoir) with proportions that can vary. The consumer can thus taste different variations of the blends which preserve the same typicity. As a guarantee of quality, the wine must be certified by experts in the vat and then in the bottle before it can be marketed.

Visual identity

Several actors of the wine industry of the canton contribute to the success of the brand “Escargot Rouge”. They ensure that this new wine has a strong identity thanks to a visual uniformity, notably through the common bottle, the label and the shipping carton. The name of the winery is mentioned to differentiate the products. Thanks to this organization, the partner wineries obtain products from regional suppliers of excellent quality at affordable prices. The collaboration of the various players in the industry is unique and is a guarantee for market penetration. Created for the Swiss market, the Escargot Rouge is the ambassador of Vaud red wines, synonymous with exceptional quality and pleasure.

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