Jan 10, 2024

The Wine Arc, Cape Winelands, South Africa

The Wine Arc is a brand home for black-owned wine brands and entrepreneurs and a symbol of South Africa’s wine industry transformation. Their values are People | Culture | Unity | Legacy

The Wine Arc is a vehicle for the wine brands to grow a strong business platform and gives them greater access to markets and e-commerce facilities and a differentiated consumer sector. It also serves as a creative innovation hub for entrepreneurs and young winemakers to grow and become more sustainable. The name emphasizes the strong character and values of the SA Wine Industry Transformation Unit (SAWITU) and the wine brands that are participating in this initiative. The Wine Arc brand also demonstrates unity, strength, quality and consistency, brings together people of all cultures and is a symbol of hope and revival for our wine brands, especially amidst the devastating global pandemic and numerous bans on alcohol sales in South Africa. You can enjoy a wine tasting experience at the Wine Arc in Stellenbosch as you sip and savour the fine wine, where every sip tells a story.

The authenticity of the brand name is important as it differentiates black-owned brands in the wine industry, unite them as a collective and enable them to build their own legacy based on their culture and background.

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