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Rheinhessen’s cultural and architectural highlights

More than 2000 years of wine culture in Rheinhessen has produced outstanding wines over the course of time. Beyond that, the region is also worth a visit in terms of culture, history and architecture. Medieval half-timbered houses, grand estates, Victorian villas and winegrowing families, who have been cultivating wine for generations, testify a rich history that you should not overlook.
A piece of wine culture in Mainz

The Bluhm wine house has existed in Mainz’s old town centre for 300 years. This historic half-timbered house is one of the oldest wine houses in the city. Today it is one of the main wine tourism centres – and a cultural experience! Here you can enjoy regional and international dishes, excellent local wines and unusual cultural and music programmes with its own art exhibitions.

The picture shows the interior of the Restaurent

Unique ambience
Credit: Muriel Stadelmann

“Meenz meets France” – gastronome Murielle Stadelmann offers this special combination of German flavours and the French way of life. To do so, she spoils her guests with home-cooked dishes and selected wines. However, Murielle Stadelmann is not just a gastronome. Beyond that, she is also an actress and singer. And above all, she is a talented artist. Therefore, guests can expect not only culinary delights, but also extravagant art.

Sitting together and chatting over a good glass of wine is part of the way of life in the wine capital of Mainz.




Enjoying wine in a historic ambience
The picture shows the interior of the museum with its numerous historical exhibits

The museum of Dätwyl
Credit: Robert Dieth

The Dätwyl estate in Wintersheim dates back 700 years. It was built as a castle by the Count of Leiningen in 1345 and became the property of the Dettweiler family in 1868. They had allready leased the former castle in 1801 and have been making excellent wines ever since.

The Dettweilers have an exciting family history. They originally came from the village of Dätwyl in Switzerland. Followers of the Anabaptist movement fled persecution during Reformation and finally settled in various parts of what is now Germany. Heike and Heiko Dettweiler are continuing the more than 200-year-old wine tradition. And fortunately, the next generation is already waiting in the wings.



Father and son Dettweiler sit together infront of a door and taste wine

Two generations – father and son
Credit: Winery Dätwyl

A small museum under the roof of the residential tower displays agricultural equipment such as filters, sprayers and ploughs. There is even an old corking machine and an old press. To this day, the Dätwyl winery not only presses wine, but also produces its own grape seed oil.

The winery was one of the first to open its doors to visitors of the popular “Winzer-Kultouren”. These are classic cars trips through the vineyards of Rheinhessen. Additionally, the family offers various (wine) experiences, cellar tours and concerts in the old “cow chapel”. This is a funny name for former cowsheds, which are now often used to store wine or as locations for events, restaurants and wine shops. The architecture of the walls is reminiscent of a chapel. Beyond that, they have three guest rooms.


A monument to German wine architecture

GUT LEBEN am Morstein is a beautiful location that promises a great dining experience in one of the most architecturally impressive buildings in Rheinhessen. The small castle was built in 1899 for the winegrower and landowner Valentin Keller. Today Stefan Spies owns the place. He restored the property, which had been empty for a long time, to its former glory.

Picture of the villa shows the beautiful architecture

GUT LEBEN am Morstein
Credit: Stefan Spies

This beautiful Victorian villa is home to a gourmet restaurant, a hotel with a conference area in the old barn and a huge vaulted cellar. Numerous well-known actors, chamber musicians and cabaret artists already performed here. Additionally, guest rooms in a neighbouring 17th century farmhouse offer all modern amenities in a historically authentic ambience.

GUT LEBEN won numerous GWC awards in recent years. Therefore, it is a must for anyone, who wants to breathe in the history of this place and the region. And it is a cultural highlight where guests can experience culinary delights in a unique location.


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