Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

Westwind Weine Winery

Protection and preservation of cultural landscape – this is a core topic which the Hein winery has committed itself to. In order to transfer the sustainability of the vineyard to the winery, the wine house building was built under the aspects of sustainability in 2015: vacant vault cellars were integrated into the building, old staves as panelling were supplied for new usage. Beside several solar systems for generation of electricity also a wood chipping heating system with grapevine is run to take account of the sustainability character.

Westwind wines reside at and inside the tower of the newly built wine house of the Hein winery: This raises in a fresh green as the counterpart of the medieval living tower and the defense tower on the opposite side which has been guarding the entrance to the Zellertal in Wachenheim for more than 10 centuries. From each floor of the building a new facade of the cultural landscape can be admired while enjoying wines – culminating in a beautiful panorama view on the terrace which reaches down to the Zellertal.

Whistling Kite Wines

~After seeking organic certification in 1997, Whistling Kite Vineyard has continued practising organic farming
practices and was also certified biodynamic ten years ago. Our method of grape production focuses on producing
the highest quality of fruit, without chemical inputs and minimising irrigation needs. We have recently moved to
open our vineyard to the public for regular open days. Our open days offer customers the chance to take in the
vineyard and discuss organic and biodynamic farming practices directly with the producer. We firmly believe that
these farming practices are the only way a small producer can remain both environmentally and financially

Eppard in der 100 Guldenmühle

The award for Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices goes to the Restaurant Eppard in der 100 Guldenmühle at Appenheim. In a picturesque setting, a historic flour mill, over 150 years old, is nestled within a reconstructed old mill complex. At the convergence of no fewer than eight regional hiking and bicycle trails, this restaurant offers local and Mediterranean cuisine to accompany wines from Appenheim and the region. Sustainability and quality are not merely pervasive in the restaurant’s choice of produce, but also in the preservation of the basic building structure and its regional Rheinhessen character. Reason enough for the jury to honor Eva Eppard’s commitment with a Best Of Award.


Viña Matetic:

At Matetic Vineyards, we make wines with their own authentic character and a true sense of place while remaining sustainable and inline  with environmentally concious practices.


The main Sustainable Wine Tourism Practice of Verallia  Recycle Glass Campaign: “Vidrio, una acción transparente”

Verallia Argentina launched the glass recycling campaign “Vidrio, una acción transparente”, to promote environmental awareness and support of nonprofit institutions. 

This campaign was initiated four years ago. It consists of placing containers in strategically located venues (Supermarkets, Shopping, Instituto Nacional Vitivinícola, etc.) where people can deposit their glass bottles instead of throwing them away. Verallia donates the value of this glass to an organization of public welfare, which in this case is the Dr. Humberto Notti Children's Hospital Foundation who intends this donation for the construction of Rehabilitation Center.

Since its beginnings in June 2012, the recycle glass campaign had donated $235.000 = 240.000 kilogram of glass collected to recycle. We started with 4 containers and today we have 30.  

Web site: htt://


Phifer Pavitt Winery

Phifer Pavitt Winery is one of the few Green Certified Wineries in the county of Napa.  Phifer Pavitt Winey has crafted a unique and world-class environmentally friendly winery creating world class Cabernet.  With every inch of the winery reclaimed, from hog wire chandeliers to Wyoming Snow Fence, this winery focuses on making sure our commitment to mother nature stands out.  With a hospitality adage of, "Enter as Strangers, leave as Friends," Phifer Pavitt Winery is a place you'll never forget.


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