1. Initial education classes

BeM Management School, Bordeaux

It has been 10 years since BEM embarked on its engagement with wine and spirits, a commitment that is embodied in two management courses in Wine, a dedicated research team and participation of the school in professional and academic networks at regional, national and international levels.


Bordeaux is the capital city of the Gironde Department that includes 180 kilometers of beaches, thousands of hectares of woodland to roam, hundreds of kilometers of paths to walk along and the Regional Natural Park of Landes de Gascogne.


Bordeaux is the largest French AOC winegrowing area.

The Bordeaux vineyards cover 115,100 hectares. Annual production is around 6.5 million hectoliters, or over 860 million bottles, of which 89% is red and 11% is white (dry: 8% and sweet: 3%).


Beyond the city of Bordeaux, many exceptional treasures are to be discovered, but of course, the whole region offers its tremendous heritage through the vineyards. With 55 "Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées" (Designations of Origin) and 8,000 Châteaux, the Gironde is largely covered with vineyards.


Bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux, the capital of Southwest France was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007, as the largest urban area ever to receive this acclaim.

The heart of the historical sector of the city offers stunning beauty and unity of architectural style, with charming squares and parks, absorbing museums, and highly cultivated and bustling places of entertainment.


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