Sheraton Mendoza Hotel - Entre Copas

Every month, a recognized winemaker is invited to serve the best wines he or she makes which are matched with a 5 -course menu to endulge a small group of winelovers at dinner time at 17th level of Sheraton Mendoza Hotel. Thanks to wine, a magic environment flows there and guests and the winemaker who do not know each other become friends, turning a simple wine dinner into an intimate instance of great chats about life, family, success, even painful anecdotes ending in a wonderful memory  for the rest of their lives.

Park Hyatt Hotel & Bodega Monteviejo

In April 2017, we enjoyed the first edition of the “Week of Rock”, an idea that came about by the hand of the well-known enologist of the winery Monteviejo, Marcelo Pelleriti, along with Leandro Livschitz, General Manager of Park Hyatt Mendoza. It was declared of Interest for the National Tourism by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, evidence of the magnitude of this meeting that made present a touristic option of various events putting together the Art, Wine, Gastronomy and Music, over six unforgettable days in the province of Mendoza. The activities developed at Park Hyatt Mendoza: Day 1. “Plus+ Arte”, Day 2. Masters of Food and Wine –Rock Edition, Day 3. Wines of the Rock Artists, Day 4. Meet and Greet. The activities that took place at Monteviejo Winery: Day 5. “Plus + Arte” part 2, Day 6. Wine Rock.


Casa del Visitante - Viña Santa Julia

Located 40 minutes away from Mendoza City, Santa Julia Winery has a Wine Cellar for tourism where visitors from all over the world, every day of the year, can find an awesome spectrum of enotouristic alternatives. It is in this place where the Art Gallery is located.

From the year 2003 to the present, Bodega Santa Julia Art Gallery is a space for local artists to exhibit art, giving visitors the opportunity to combine the world of art and wine. The most distinguished Mendocinian artists, sculptors, draftmen and ceramists have exhibited in Santa Julia with a sustained agenda overtime for more than 15 years. Three times a year the works of art are rotated, making the space a dynamic backdrop for events and wine tastings. The Art Gallery is the place for contemplative enjoyment of wine and Argentine culture, the pillars of any great touristic experience.

Bodegas CARO

The heart of Bodegas CARO beats in an historical urban winery built between 1884 and 1895. The peculiar architecture of the building reminiscent of Neo Roman and Spanish style makes is a landmark of the Mendozan cityscape. In 2003, when Nicolas Catena and Baron Eric de Rothschild bought the old winery, they set up a master plan of structural consolidation and aesthetic restauration. This year, a new space entirely dedicated to wine tourism opened its door to the public for day and night tastings as well as cultural events.


Bodegas CARO is located in an historical urban winery from 1884 which has been totally consolidated and restored from 2003 on after it was bought by Nicolas Catena and the Baron Eric de Rothschild.The building reminiscent of Neo Roman and Spanish style opens its door to the visitors for day and night tastings and hosts cultural events in an elegant space entirely dedicated to wine tourism.



There’s one thing Mendoza really does in style, and that’s a good fiesta. Argentines know how to hold a party and in the capital of wine it is no exception. This year's Great Wine Capitals 'Best Of Wine Tourism' award winner for wine tourism services was Diplomatic Luxury Wines - a wine festival held each year in the depths of winter to bring a little warmth to wine lovers in Mendoza.

The highlight of any dining experience at the Abrasado restaurant at Bodega Los Toneles is the steak. It stole the show as the main course - tender, full of flavour and cooked a perfect pink (or however you like it). The plate was scattered with local aromatics which added a depth to the flavour and complimented the slight smokiness from the grill. This steak alone was reason enough for Abrasado to win the Great Wine Capitals Best Restaurant in Mendoza award.

The best thing about visiting a winery is seeing all the action as it happens: the grapes being picked in the vineyard, brought into the winery and then moving into the tanks where they start their incredible transformation into wine. Being among the hubbub of harvest is the most exciting moment of the year and gives you a profound understanding of how wine is made.

So what happens if you are visiting in January?

It isn’t often that a winery wins the same award two years in a row, but when it comes to the case of Monteviejo and the Great Wine Capitals Arts and Culture Award, it couldn’t be more deserved.

Monteviejo has set the bar high for cultural activities at a winery as their Art and Culture Director Gabriela Nafissi tirelessly creates new projects with different local and national artists and collaborators.

There are wineries that look great, and others that function well. Sadly it feels like somewhat of a rarity when they achieve both. But the Great Wine Capitals’ global architecture winner last year is a rare gem that really does achieve both, and will please the most exacting oenophile as well as the most passionate architect.

The new Zuccardi Piedra Infinita winery in the Uco Valley was born out of desire, rather than necessity. The Zuccardi family have a large, functional and busy winery to the east of Mendoza, in Maipu. With each new generation of the family, the winery has expanded and the horizons lifted. It homes the winemaking facilities for several wine labels (including their popular day-to-day wine label, Santa Julia), two restaurants, an olive farm, and an art gallery. And there is room to expand.


9 Wineries with Relevant Architecture

Perhaps no other wine region in the world has as impressive an array of architectural standouts in winery design as Mendoza. These nine wineries raise the bar high by blending artistic style and environmental initiatives to achieve a balance of utility and beauty in harmony with the landscape.


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