Rosell Boher Lodge ( has hit the nail on the head when it comes to taking advantage of Mendoza’s beautiful vineyard vistas and mesmerising sunsets. Each individual lodge has its own rooftop deck with sofas, sun-loungers, a wood-burning fireplace and a warm, bubbling jacuzzi. It’s a slice of wine country heaven.

Bodega Renacer

Bodega Renacer

Renacer, a modern and eco-friendly wine boutique, located in Mendoza, Argentina produces premium wines and offers unique and innovative experiences to it’s many visitors


Los Toneles - Abrasado


Abrasado is an elegant restaurant located in Los Toneles. This winery stands in a unique setting: its architectonic style honors the original foundation, in 1922. The building was declared Mendoza‘s cultural heritage site in 2008. The sophisticated winery is located at remarkable short distance from downtown.



Monteviejo Winery
Focus on the development of cultural and art services, spaces and projects, with an emphasis on artistic experimentation, interdisciplinarity
and accessibility .

Rosell Boher Lodge

Rosell Boher Lodge

Master Plan Rosell Boher Lodge is the result of a great vision inspired by the finest wines, the glorious terroir, and the heritage of our wine region.  We are continuously growing and improving the experience for our guests. Rosell Boher Lodge investment plan develops secluded villas constructed alongside the vines with rustic elegance and luxurious comfort, an exclusive luxurious underground cellar for more than 20,000 bottles where we will host the
most extraordinary region’s wines, a picturesque administration, and a Wine Therapy Spa to enjoy exemplary service. 

The new Cavas Rosell Boher Winery, will be an impressive structure inspired by the geography of the land and its natural surroundings, following the whole process from grape harvesting to the creation of a unique high quality wine brand, under the careful eye of our top experts.

Mendoza-based journalist Amanda Barnes explains the measures that the Nieto Senetiner winery in Vistalba, Mendoza is taking to improve its environmental and sustainable footprint.

Zuccardi Valle de Uco

Zuccardi Valle de Uco
The new Zuccardi Valle de Uco winery is a tribute to the austere and solemn mountain which defines the climate and the soils of the region.
Located in Paraje Altamira, the construction "emerges" from the soil and it is part of it because it was made with natural elements, stones of the place, rounds, whites, calcareous. It is made of concrete from the outside to inside, from the stone walls, oblique and imposing, even bare to concrete vats inside of which are the wines.


The main Sustainable Wine Tourism Practice of Verallia  Recycle Glass Campaign: “Vidrio, una acción transparente”

Verallia Argentina launched the glass recycling campaign “Vidrio, una acción transparente”, to promote environmental awareness and support of nonprofit institutions. 

This campaign was initiated four years ago. It consists of placing containers in strategically located venues (Supermarkets, Shopping, Instituto Nacional Vitivinícola, etc.) where people can deposit their glass bottles instead of throwing them away. Verallia donates the value of this glass to an organization of public welfare, which in this case is the Dr. Humberto Notti Children's Hospital Foundation who intends this donation for the construction of Rehabilitation Center.

Since its beginnings in June 2012, the recycle glass campaign had donated $235.000 = 240.000 kilogram of glass collected to recycle. We started with 4 containers and today we have 30.  

Web site: htt://


Taking advantage of all of Mendoza’s natural assets is the global winner of the Great Wine Capitals Award for Wine Tourism Services last year, Kahuak. The number of tours on offer might feel overwhelming at first, but if you have a week in Mendoza you’ve got plenty of time to get to grips with the highlights of wine country and enjoy a splash of adventure.


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