Caves Santa Marta

Caves Santa Marta is a Cooperative founded in 1959 in Santa Marta de Penaguião along EN2, in line with the tourism development plan of this Route approved by Turismo de Portugal. You can visit the old distillery of Casa do Douro, turned into a museum, with permanent exhibition of wine themes, featuring utensils linked to production, farming, old documents and a tasting room. 

The Wine House Hotel - Quinta da Pacheca

On their first visit to Quinta da Pacheca, even before its acquisition, the current owners envisioned the possibility of sleeping in giant barrels as soon as they entered the estate's aging Port wine cellar and became dazzled with the size of the existing vats. From this idea to the first sketches it only took a few months, in full tune with the architect Henrique Pinto came the first sketches of what would become the current Wine Barrel's by Quinta da Pacheca.

Six Senses Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley sits within the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage-listed Douro Valley. The 60-guest accommodation quinta dates to the late 19th century when it was known as Quinta Vale de Abraão and its contemporary interiors reflect both this rich heritage and Six Senses’ design values. 

Bago D'Uva 360º

Bago d´Uva 360º creates tourist itineraries in Portugal in which introduces in a responsible manner the country’s most genuine features. The focus of the itineraries is showing the wine and gastronomic culture, sources of National pride. 

Quinta da Avessada

Quinta da Avessada is located in the centre of the Douro demarcated region at its highest point (at an altitude of 600 meters) and the flattest point in the whole region (about 1,000ha of plateau), consisting of four buildings (one of them is one hundred years old) and 25ha of planting.

He has a degree in computer science and management, but also in oenology, out of passion. He owned several companies linked to financial software and call centres, all of which were very successful. He was, therefore, a very successful businessman, originally from Aveiro, residing in Lisbon.

Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, like all warehouses where Port wines are aged, Churchill's Visitor Centre has what the brand wants to convey: elegance and style.

A glass of Port wine, served in a café that recreates the cosmopolitan and elegant, inspiring and bohemian atmosphere of the 1930s in Paris, expresses the harmonious relationship between art and wine, which stands out from the visit to the exhibition of 100 paintings by Pablo Picasso at Palácio das Artes, located in the capital of Northern Portugal.


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