"A unique party in a unique city" is the vow made in the programme prepared by the council and which this year will take myriad forms, interweaving the tradition of this ancient festa and its folk references with new and surprising forms of entertainment and involvement in the public space. 

Quinta da Boeira, a magnificent estate in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the douro from Porto, is a lovingly restored 19th century estate built by a Portuguese man who emigrated to Brazil.  Today it is a center devoted to remembering the Portuguese ships that sailed the seven seas in voyages of discovery, to wine and to art.

For the first time, the Rally de Portugal, a point-scoring stage in the World Rally Championship, will organise a competitive event right in the centre of Porto on May 20.

The organisers expect thousands of spectators to descend on the centre of the city to watch the event, which will be broadcast all around the world. The best rally drivers will be taking part in the race, driving almost one hundred cars in what is the most popular motor racing event in Portugal.

The operation will involve setting up a race circuit in Avenida dos Aliados and the surrounding streets. The Porto Street Stage, as the organisers prefer to call it, will involve each driver running two successive laps of the 1.85 km circuit.

Like last year, the Rally de Portugal in 2016 will take place again in the north of Portugal from 19-22 May.

If you are a fan (or even if you’re not), it’s a great reason to visit Porto, and even to follow all the drivers as the competition will be held in the north of the country.

Don’t worry about anthing, we’ll take care of all the details! Contact us at the following:

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The Douro, the world’s first demarcated region, produces excellent wines and port wine and is also a World Heritage site. It was the perfect choice as the backdrop for this event.

This vineyard race takes place over two distances: a 21 Km half-marathon run and a 10 Km walk. Participants are going to be fortunate enough to pass through some of the region’s greatest wine-producing estates. Refreshments, and a port wine tasting, will be provided at each of the stops and at each of the estates (Roeda, Bomfim, Noval, Cruzeiro, Terrafeita, Cavadinha and Junco).

In this unique region, where the inhabitants have fought to build a working relationship with nature and where the water, soil and the steep slopes all form natural adversaries, the vine is the crop of choice.

This is not just a race, but a challenge and an adventure into the history of the land and its people, through what is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

It will not be easy... always uphill, but at the end, and once fully hydrated, we descend into the fabulous town of Pinhão, which is bathed by two rivers: the Douro and the Pinhão.


The closing date for entries is 14 June.

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In the middle of the building, in an inner courtyard of a farm cleverly transformed into a hotel by architect Fernando Coelho, something immediately caught my eye. On the roof, covered with a huge skylight which lit the common spaces magnificently, hung an enigmatic sculpture in a chaotic scene that was impossible to ignore...

Great Wine Capitals will attend the IWINETC Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop, from 4 to 7 April 2016, together with the endorsed travel agencies to Spain and Portugal: ROMOTUR and VINITUR.

Considered by many to be “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RACE IN THE WORLD” the 11th Douro Valley half marathon is set for May 15. “Running along the banks of the Douro River, this fascinating race is set in the heart of the Douro, the oldest appellation, or legally protected wine-growing region in the world, a world heritage.”

“In 2015 there were 13,000 participants from 32 countries, and this event is not just about running; the Douro will welcome the participants with a wide variety of activities, giving the thousands of participants from all around the world the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest the unequalled beauty of this region”.

This is a unique opportunity to add the pleasure of experiencing the Douro Valley to the pleasure of running. Here, visitors will have the opportunity of spending some relaxing days at estates that produce the Douro and Port wines and benefitting from some of the best wine-tourism programmes the Douro has to offer.

They will have the opportunity to taste the wines of the region (both red and whites) and get to know the autochthonous varieties of the Douro: the reds—Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz (Aragonez), Tinta Barroca and Tinto Cão; and the whites—Malvasia (Malmsey) Fina, Viosinho, Gouveio and Rabigato.

As for Port Wine, this will be an opportunity to learn more about the most exclusive wine in the world, made here in the Douro, the unique characteristics of which set it apart from all the others.

But the experiences in the Douro region are not limited to the wines. The cuisine of the region is one of the richest of Portugal and all who visit the Douro must try young goat (Kid), posta Mirandesa, wild boar, partridge, and the feijoada (bean stew), among others.

“Running in the Douro Valley is much more than pounding the asphalt; it is feeling the pure emotion that conquers the heart step by step.”

Last day for entries: March 31.

Bring your family to the Douro. Don’t worry, we'll take care of everything! Contact us:

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Source: Running Wonders

by Susana Ribeiro

Gemieira, Ponte de Lima, is the home of Carmo's Boutique Hotel, a charming 5-star establishment which belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Amongst its many achievements is the Best of Wine Tourism 2016 award, in the accommodation category.

This article, submitted by ecoTours Portugal, was a participant in the 2015 Guest Bloggers' Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

An authentic Portuguese jewel, in which nature works together with man, creating the perfect combination to give life to the Douro region, essentially rural and focused on the wine industry.

A region carried to the four corners of the world due to the success of the wines produced here, more specifically the remarkable Port Wine.

Look no more: it's Porto!

After all my journeys, I know that Porto has a way of being special, emanating a strong sense of belonging and identity. There live an open-hearted, creative and hard working people, still following the motto Talent de bien faire, already put into practice by our ancestor Prince Henrique The Navigator in the XV century, when Portuguese became the first great discoverers of the unknown world. Today the world looks back at us and begins to discover our own treasures...


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