Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley

Casa Mirador de Viña Casas del Bosque

A place built in complete harmony with the environment, on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards. A magical and unique place, with a privileged view, where you can feel the sea air breezes coming from the Pacific. We will meet an old Espino tree, a typical Chilean species, that will welcome us and invite us to stay in silence for a few minutes to appreciate the imposing view of the valley.

Emiliana Winery

Emiliana is the leading Organic Vineyard in Chile and one of the biggest in the world, have a different tour offer.

Our wines and services reflect our passion, wich is to always produce the highest quality with a deep respect for our people and environment

The tour begins with a walk through our gardens where visitors can share with native animals, active characters of biodiiversity that sustains our field.

They visit the vineyards where we explain different soil types, planted varieties and climatic characteristics of the valley. The tour concludes in our cellar, where we store the biodynamic preparations, responsible for nutrition and protection of the vines.


An hotel that comes to refresh the offer and has been characterized by delivering a service of excellence and quality, incorporating a passion for winemaking and wine tourism, along with architectural innovation, sustainability, urban renewal and beautiful rooms.

Last Tuesday, October 30, in Matetic Vineyard, Valparaíso Casablanca Valley celebrated the award ceremony of Best of Wine Tourism Awards 2019.

This Tuesday, October 23, traditional Pinot Noir Night was celebrated in its twelfth edition. With more than 130 attendees, Association of Wine Entrepreneurs of Casablanca Valley honored one of the most emblematic vineyards of Casablanca Valley.

Casablanca Valley celebrates XII edition of its traditional Pinot Noir Night. Delicate night, dedicated to one of the most emblematic grape variety of the valley.

An unforgettable experience in Casablanca Valley, tasting premium cool wines.

Only 40 minutes separate Viña del Mar from Casablanca, halfway between Santiago and the coast, so for some it is just a stop along the way. However Casablanca Valley, can be transformed into an unforgettable destination for a weekend getaway.

This September 4th, Chile celebrates the 4th edition of “National Wine Day and to celebrate Casablanca Valley has prepared entertaining activities.

Puerto Claro is not only a place where you will enjoy a wonderful culinary experience, but also a place where you can enjoy delicious wines and cocktails at a reasonable price.


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