Apr 13, 2023

Visit the Casablanca Museum

The Casablanca Museum, the Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner in the Art & Culture category, was established by Municipal Decree on November 10, 1992, as a result of the need to create a space where the community's heritage and cultural aspects can be appreciated in the same way they are valued in the community. This idea became a reality in 1994 when, by chance, a major archaeological find was discovered on Playa Grande de Quintay.

Faced with this discovery, the implementation and equipping of a museum in Casablanca became a fact, mainly to house these pieces with a clear importance regarding the local native cultures, opening its doors, definitively, in October 1995.

From that date, the award-winning museum has been mainly concerned with integrating the community into the cultural development of the Commune, and the sense of belonging and knowledge of local history. In this way, they are given tools for understanding society’s cultural processes, and, above all, they are given elements that allow them to strengthen their identity.

The Casablanca Museum

The Casablanca Museum

A silent but dedicated work of research, cataloging, conservation and contextualization of objects has allowed the Casablanca Museum to show them to the public as part of a story, a narrative built from texts, images, and objects, where our history lies deeply.


Visits to the Casablanca Museum

In this way, the museum proposes a Trace, an imaginary journey through which visitors can look at the past as an inescapable part of our present… The Casablanca Museum’s doors are open to learn and enjoy, to travel and reflect on the understanding that we are depositaries of the same roots and, therefore, of the same future.

On the tour, visitors will learn more about the valley’s birth around 200 million years ago, about the fauna and megafauna that inhabited the local community and about their following extinction due to climatic changes to which they could not adapt. Nowadays, the valley’s water resources and its diverse ecosystems are home to different animals and native flora. Following the history of the valley at least 12 000 years ago, the first inhabitants of these lands appeared – men who already knew fire and did not exceed 35 to 40 years of age.

The Casablanca Museum contributes greatly to the tourism and education of the area. Through a didactic presentation of Casablanca’s history, presented by the anthropological findings of its ancestral origins, pieces, and artefacts, along with colourful illustrations, the visitor will have a complete experience of the region.

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Photos provided by the Municipality of Casablanca