Solo Contigo: The House – Winery

The Solo Contigo Winery in the Los Chacayes region of the Uco Valley is unique in Argentina. Designed and owned by Canadian owners Terry and Noel Neelands, they worked with renowned winery architects Bormida and Yanzon to create a boutique winery in a house-like setting.
During the day, visitors taste wine in the great room on comfy sofas and chairs. They can enjoy Solo Contigo by the fireplace or outside in the beautiful back gardens. They can picnic on the patio, in the cabanas or on the lawn tasting wines and enjoying a home made lunch from the kitchen. All the while they will be enjoying the spectacular view to the vineyards and the Andes.
Visitors can tour the production facilities, the cellar and the art gallery featuring local Argentine artists. The gallery is in the round and is located in the centre of the winery between the “house”‘and the production facilities. In the centre of the soaring ceiling is an inverted glass pyramid, symbolizing the attraction of the sun’s energy to the Winery. When the owners are there, they love to chat with the guests and explain the various.features they have incorporated into Solo Contigo’s architecture.


Terry and Noel Neelands travelled to Argentina on vacation in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the UcoValley. They had visited some of the worlds best wineries and realized there was a special opportunity to own a vineyard and create high end boutique wines in this area of Argentina.

In 2009 they decided to buy acreage in The Vines of Mendoza project located in Los Chacayes where they planted their first vines. Their first harvest was 2012. In 2014, they worked with architects Bormida and Yanzon to create their own boutique winery called Solo Contigo Wines.
Today the winery has a capacity of 100,000 produced in stainless steel tanks, concrete tanks and oak barrels. Under the creativity and guidance of their winemaker, Pablo Marino and his superb support team, Solo Contigo wines have consistently received high scores.


The character of Los Chacayes, is reflected in the style of our wines. We like to create genuine wines that narrate our story, where we come from and where we are headed. Through simple processes and with the least interference possible, we create complex, attractive and balanced wines that portray the region’s expression in the best way.


The Solo Contigo Winery is located to the west of the Tunuyán district, in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Los Chacayes’ border to the north is the Los Árboles district, to the south Campo Los Andes, to the west Chile and to the east Vista Flores and Los Sauces.
The winery and vineyards are on an ancient alluvial bed created from a river that drained from the Andes mountains. This relatively small geological pocket displays diverse soils of sandy and rocky loam which ultimately give the vines their unique quality and wonderful flavors.
The Los Chacayes climate is dry and arid with an annual rainfall of about 300 mm. The altitude is 1100 metres and there are over 300 days of sunshine annually.


Terry and Noel, the owners of Solo Contigo Wines, are passionate about travel, the arts and wine. Immersing themselves in foreign cultures is their favourite pastime. When they purchased their first vineyard in the Uco Valley, it was the start of a love affair with a country that offers so much – the natural beauty and majesty of the Andes, a richly diverse cultural heritage, fabulous foods and of course incredible wines.
Their adventurous spirit and passion for Argentina inspires us to create exceptional wines.
Creativity is part of our essence and motivates us to reveal a different dimension of the terroir with our wines. We have a younger, more innovative, brighter style with the Los Chacayes wines. They are easily identified by their freshness, charm and drinkability.

Courtesy – Solo Contigo


Solo Contigo opens the doors of its “House-Winery” to give us the opportunity of living a different moment regarding wine, one that involves all of the senses. It provides a truly unique and revealing experience for visitors, whose knowledge and form of enjoying it will never be the same.
With an art gallery exhibiting extraordinary paintings from local artists, music in each room, beautiful gardens, a splendid decor and the best views of the vineyards and the Andes, this “House-Winery” brings together the ideal atmosphere to relax and enjoy great wines.
This amazing experience would not be complete without the people who make it possible: a committed and compatible group who love what they do. There is an individual, unique and memorable touch that can only belived by those who visit Solo Contigo Winery!




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22 de June de 2021