May 06, 2021

GWC Travel Experts presented the Mainz and Rheinhessen wine destination in Germany

While travel possibilities will be increasing in the coming weeks, GWC travel experts have offered to organize a series of webinars to highlight our great destinations. One of them will be dedicated to our German Capital, Mainz and the neighboring wine region of Rheinhessen.
Welcome to Germany’s largest wine growing region!


You can start organizing your next trip by watching the replay of a webinar dedicated to the presentation of amazing Mainz I Rheinhessen and the variety of high quality wines produced there – and get passionate about the destination!

Wein Trullo in Flonheim


Poppe Reisen, the official Mainz I Rheinhessen travel partner (and DMC for Germany), animated the webinar  and introduced the participants to their products. They have the best knowledge on how to plan a tour rich in culture, nature, and wine, of course, creating unique experiences for their guests.

During this webinar a lot of information was shared about the possibilities of wine related travel programmes in the region. Technical information like terms and conditions of booking have also be announced.

Photo credits: Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH
Watch the replay of the webinar: