Oct 27, 2023

Global Achievements in Wine Tourism Celebrated at Prestigious 2024 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards Ceremony

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network is delighted to announce the winners of the highly anticipated 2024 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. This year, a remarkable 551 applications were received from 11 Capitals across the world. Over the course of the year, 75 Regional winners were unveiled in their respective Capitals, celebrating outstanding achievements in wine tourism. The Network’s newest member, Hawke’s Bay, who joined mid-year will only open the Awards to their region next year.

The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, celebrating its 20th edition this year, is an embodiment of this mission, showcasing the best in wine tourism around the world and inspiring the wine industry to reach new heights of innovation and visitor experience.


The prestigious ceremony took place at the Beau-Rivage Palace during the Network’s Annual Conference, an event where the world’s most renowned wine destinations converge to celebrate innovation and excellence in wine tourism. “We are honoured to have been able to host the Annual Conference in Lausanne. It is a fantastic opportunity for Switzerland to show our wine tourism offerings and to establish Lausanne on the prestigious and international map as a Great Wine Capital“, said Steeve Pasche, Director of Lausanne Tourism.


The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, recognise the unparalleled contributions of vineyards, wineries, and wine-related businesses to the world of wine tourism. This year’s Global Winners represent the pinnacle of achievement in wine tourism across the Great Wine Capitals:


Global Winners:



In a significant addition to this year’s awards, the Network recognised the remarkable achievements of the Vivanco Foundation in Rioja with a prestigious Special Achievement Award. This award is bestowed on individuals or organisations that have made extraordinary contributions to the world of wine tourism, and it has only been presented twice in the history of the Awards.


Upon receiving the award, the Vivanco Foundation expressed their gratitude, saying, “We feel enormous gratitude for this recognition to our work and passion for sharing wine culture, as well as a great honour for being within the select club awarded with this Special Achievement Award.” The work of the Vivanco Foundation is of great significance in Bilbao|Rioja and in the world.  Their motto is ‘to give back to wine what wine has given us’, and hence the family’s commitment throughout its history, being not only lovers of wine culture, but also its main curators, educators, communicators and pioneers of wine tourism in Rioja and Spain in general.


The Vivanco Foundation now joins the esteemed ranks with La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux and the World of Wine in Porto, Portugal, as recipients of this exceptional accolade.

Download the press release: 2024 Global Best Of Announced Press Release